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Property Search

We undertake specialized property search services for both acquiring or disposing the property. The acquisition could be on  purchase or rent or lease and same way disposing could be by way of leasing out or sale. The differential with the typical property dealer approach is that we exclusively work for you  as per your expectations. Your property is just not another property in our pool but the only property which has to acquired /utilized/ disposed /put to use in a time frame. We use all the channels for prospective user acquisition for your property. Our approach to handle the property is directly through our team and network and at times we also engage the accredited property dealers and brokers. The idea is to deliver results than to merely earn profits. We are selective on our approach as our promise is to deliver “ clean and hassle free “ solutions.

Retail investors face challenges while investing in property. They have issues about where to invest, in which type of property, the areas with potentially high returns and which developers to trust. This is a bigger challenge in case of landed (non constructed pieces of land or what we call plots). Most investors base their decisions on hearsay. This, surely, is not the best way of going about investing in property. They also tend to get carried away by the euphoria when the market is soaring.

We search property related as per your needs. (This may include we involving property dealers, brokers builders also) in the process. We verify all the claims and documents related with the desired property.

We also help get financial assistance to create an asset (in case required) through various financial institutions including banks and NBFC’s.