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Customer Reviews


I have been away from my native plane had a piece of land measuring 6000sq mt . My sons and me planned to sell it and buy a house in city we are presently living . Having to rely on my relatives and property dealers we put our land on sale but somehow the price we were being offered was not convincing . Then my son came across the relation officer of ASSETS MANTRA. Assets Mantra proposed us to sell in the land in parts .Not only did they make complete planning but sold the land also.

“To our delight we got 60% more than highest offer given by the property dealer. The best was the transparency and up right approach of team of ASSETS MANTRA . I feel that we are a part of ASSETS MANTRA family now.”

Rachna Sharma


I am a surgeon working in a charitable hospital. My schedules are so tight that I could not manage my properties . I have got 2 Properties . My flat at chandigarh had been locked for five years as I preferred keep it locked rather than getting into hassles of finding the genuine and appropriate tenant and then go through the other procedural work. When I met representative of Assets Mantra they not only assured of helping me by renting out the property and carrying on all the procedural work but also undertook the responsibility of maintaining the property to the extendt of ensuring that all the utility bills being timely paid by tenant and the house is properly maintained .

”A simple agreement with them made my properties productive. Bestpart was the way “they did “ the house , I could get 20% more rental than the prevailing rate” .

Dr. Rohit

We have been living in Delhi for last 40 Years and our native village house is in Himachal that had been left unattended for long . I always faced the challenge of taking out time to get the old house renovated which is some 500 kms away from delhi. Since we had been living out of the place for long time , I didn’t have people to rely on or take care of task. Assets Mantra gave us the solution. They hired vendors and people ,supervised them and ensured things are done as per the plan discussed with us . They not only restored the old structure to its old glory but also did give it a face lift .They maintained the garden , did pest controls and maintenance of surroundings. We all were so delighted that we planned get together of whole family tree in our ancestral.

“Amazing work done by Assets mantra was appreciated by all. I wish more people like us can avail their services and feel proud of their inheritance . All the best and thanks learn Assets Mantra.”

Sharma Family


We have been settled in Canada for 11 years now. One of our relation around 4 years back suggested us to being a flat in Chandigarh. We bought the flat on reference on relative( typical Indian approach or compulsion, whatever you may call it) Later we were told that the developer who was building the flats had a dispute amongst them selves and they were handing over the possession of unfurnished flats . I had to take 1 months leave to come to India. I was shattered and shocked because I realized that not only we were cheated on price of flat ( as the price of flat was lower than we had paid thought our relative but also all the and flooring had to done. I felt cheated and frustrated because not only we were cheated to the tune of 10 lacs , but also

now we had to spend more for completing the basic things of the flat .Also the income loss and employment threat that I had to face back at Canada was stressing me . Assets Mantra offered to help us with all the mess but I trusted none . I told them that the experience I was going through I wanted to trust no one but another fact was that I knew no one else also! It was than that Assets Mantra director told me that madam , ok no issues but we could suggest and refer people who can help you complete the jobs. Thank god I took that .I got things done , there were legal issues , then my flooring and toilets work and electricity meter .I got it done my self in a month time but

“it would have not been possible to come out of the ruckus and pain had Assets Mantra not helped me with liasionary with different people and guided me . Thanks to the team “.

Mahajan Family

I live in Mumbai and I had bought a plot in Himachal on insistence of my father in 2009 and we bought it in his name .After the demise of my father I actually was not sure whether I should keep that plot or not.When I decided to sell it off , I realized that first I could no find the original registry and second that if I wanted to sell the plot , it held to get it transferred to my name . Getting it transferred to my name was not easy as after the death because as per law consents of all the of legal heirs had to be taken and that too in presence of tehsildar. It involved taking the legal heir certificate from Panchayat secretary of my native place and then getting the legal heirs together for relinquish deed and then taking the consent of all heirs in presence of tehsildar. The process I was told was that it would take around 6 months to get the duplicate of registered title deed and another 4-5 visits for all the documentation As one off the top most management persons of my company .I could not afford to take out that much time . I was in a fix . After some time my brother in law suggested me to get in touch with Assets Mantra. I hired them. They not only procured the duplicate copy of the land title but also co-ordinated with all govt. department to ensure smooth transfer of ownership to my name. The task which had been pending for 2 years was complete within 3 weeks.

Yogesh, Mumbai

Property Search

I was looking for a small investment in commercial property .I liked one rite but I was put in doubt by some one that property had dispute. I met the director of Assets Mantra and he offered to help . after doing their ground work , they told that the property was clean. They not only helped me buying the property but also helped me negotiate the final rate amazingly I got 15 % less than I had myself negotiated .

Thanks to them

Amit Khanna

My daughter wanted to buy land in Himachal . I being a shopkeeper living in a Punjab I could hardly find time to go and check every property that I was being suggested by property dealers.Some body referred Assets Mantra .I told them my preference and budgets . They co-ordinated with property dealers and then most visited the location and verified the authenticity of facts. Then they asked me to take out one day for shortlisted properties, explained the positives and negatives of every property and helped me make a decision What surprised me most was that they never ignored or avoided the properties recommended by other property dealers. They helped me for a nominal fee and did charge anything else. The brokerage I paid was to property dealer.


Satnam Singh

I am employed in Muscat and my family lives in Mumbai . I have basically north Indian and wanted to have a good residential property in north India. I approached Assets Mantra and asked them to help me out. I thought they would like others property dealers and would give me option out of the common pool “ but to my surprise their relationship officer asked for the details , my budgets, my preferences, my idea of ideal house location and many more. After he was convinced , he promised me that he would get back to me with what I wanted. Nearly 1 month later I got a call enquiring about schedule , my visit to India because they had searched the property as my preferences and budgets . I was astonished when I visited the site because it was what I had in my mind “Just perfect”. For final rate negotiating they handed me over the phone no. of owner and said ‘ Sir , we wont finalize the rate , please both of you discuss . “We want win-win situation for both you and seller .This was unbelievably transparent honest approach and that too in real estate business in India. I admire them for their professionalism and values .

I wish them all the very best.”