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Investments in Real Estate traditionally requires market acumen, a sharp insight, an active management strategy and substantial capital fund to seek a valuable return in the space.

What if you do not want to get involved in all that prudence and risk for huge investments?

Well, then you must look for some Flexible Investment Options in the same.

Assets Mantra has opened a Lucrative plus feasible Investment option for potential Stake Holders. The prospective investors need not to worry about any strategic planning or brunt of management, we will take care of all such concerns and hand you the best profitable deals.

Assets Mantra is a highly trusted and reliable brand. Our years of experience and proficiency in the niche has put us on a Pedestal from where we provide nothing but the best rewarding deals.

The Investors can invest in any of the following brackets- 2 Lakhs, 5 Lakhs or 10 Lakhs. These Investments can be made on two basic ways- As our Partner or as on fixed return Basis.

As an Associate you will meet a different set pros and cons. You will prone to all the ups and downs of the market.

While, seeking a fixed return is more of a safer deal wherein you will get a sure yield on your money.








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