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Assets Agro

In an Agrarian Country like India, big land owners often come across the problem of managing their vast stretched plots which are mostly lying idle.

Assets Mantra started intervening in such projects with the idea of putting those lands to a productive use. The sole criteria for us to undertake any such project is that the land should be spread across a minimum area of 4 acres.

The Project could be undertaken on Lease basis or Partnership basis wherein the owner gets a fixed lucrative return. Depending on the gestation period the crops will accrue heavy returns to the owners.

We use our Agro acumen to put in active use huge acres of unused agricultural land to make profitable deals. Basically, our projects will include all essential services like purchasing supplies, crop management and marketing the crops.

Our broad based knowledge allows us to undertake projects of all ilk, be it cash crops, Medicinal crops or Commercial forestation, we use our specialized gin for all such projects.