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Your property, our responsibility.

Project Management

Know the ‘real’ estate.
Plan, track and manage your property with us.

Liasoning Services

Let’s get you the best deal!

NRI/HNI Services

We acquaint you with the best deals across.

Assets Agro

Let’s make the planet greener.

NRI/HNI Services 

Managing Investments in Real Estate is no piece of cake, it asks for constant and expert handling..


We help you both accelerate and escalate the value out of your real estate deals. We operate expert..


We manage your projects end to end right from the word go- from project identification devising the..


Through our experienced team, we try to assist & strike a balance between the stake holders that..


“To our delight we got 60% more than highest offer given by the property dealer. The best   was the transparency and up right approach of team of ASSETS MANTRA . I feel that we are a part of ASSETS MANTRA  family now.”

Rachna Sharma

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”A simple agreement with them made my properties productive. Best part was the way “they did “ the house , I could get 20% more rental  than the prevailing rate”.


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“Amazing work done by Assets mantra was appreciated by all. I wish more people like us can avail their services and feel proud of their inheritance .  All  the best and thanks team Assets Mantra.”

Sharma Family

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“It would  have not been possible to come out of the ruckus and pain had Assets Mantra not helped me with liasioning with different  people and guided me. Thanks to the team “.

Mahajan Family

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“The task which  had been pending  for 2 years  was complete within 3 weeks”.

Yogesh, Mumbai

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“They not only  helped  me buying the  property but also  helped me negotiate the final rate amazingly I got 15 % less than  I had myself negotiated”.

Satnam Singh

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What surprised me most was that they never ignored or avoided the properties recommended by other property dealers. They helped me for a nominal fee and did charge anything else.

Satnam Singh

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“We want  win-win  situation for both  you and seller .This was  unbelievably  transparent  honest approach   and that too in real estate business in India. I admire  them for  their professionalism and values .I wish them  all the very best.”

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The idea is to deliver results than to merely  earn profits. We are selective on our approach as  we  promise is to deliver “ clean and hassle  free “ solutions .

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The AMIG services also keeps on updating on regular basis new ventures, market trends and watch. Through this services few clients have made profitable business in Realestate.


Our rigorous process of oversight & operational expertise allow us to focus on your objectives. Strong relationships & personal attention to details is what we stand for Assets Mantra.


In an Agrarian Country like India, big land owners often come across the problem of managing their vast stretched plots which are mostly lying idle. Assets Mantra started intervening in such



Assets Mantra was established in August 2014 by Director of Varada Concepts Pvt. Ltd. with the sole purpose of creating one stop solution for all the property related worries. We have diversified our array of services with time and are one of the best Real Estate Dealers in the region. Our objective is to assist our clients in every move that they make.We, at Assets Mantra, are committed to provide solutions related to creating, managing and optimizing the assets of individuals and business groups. Our services are focused at providing our clients all the services that are required to create, manage and protect the assets. Honesty in our deals has not just helped us move our way up to this stature but also maintain it. We aim towards perpetually helping our clients in finding the right information,right contact at the right time to avail the best opportunities in the real estate markets.


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